Mrs T. Indira Subbarami Reddy Chairperson

Wife of Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy, she joined the organization in the year 1995, when Dr. T. Subbarami Reddy was elected to the Parliament. She began her career in business with the construction of commercial complexes, theatres, etc. She was responsible for the timely completion of the prestigious twin theatres, Maheshwari 70 mm and Parameshwari 35 mm and TSR Towers, a commercial complex in Hyderabad. The vast experience of Mrs. Reddy as a businesswoman has always been an added advantage to the Company.

Mr. P. Maruthi Babu,

is a graduate in Electrical engineering having vast experience and had an active service of 38 years of which 19 years service in Andhra Pradesh State Electricity Board and 17 years in Central Autonomous Organization i.e., Central Board of Irrigation & Power. He has vast experience in Electrical Engineering, Administration and Accounts. His experience in electrical engineering will be of immense benefit to the company. As a senior officer in charge of Accounts in Central Board of Irrigation & Power, his experience is being used in the company for the benefit of reviewing the performance of Finance and Accounts of the company.

Mr. J.N.Karamchetti,

Aged about 69 years, is our Company’s Non-Executive and Independent Director. He did his Bachelor engineering in the year 1970 from College of Engineering, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Later on he did his Masters in IIT Kharagpur in the year 1973. He is also a member of Indian Institute of Plant Engineers, Fellow of institution of Engineers (India) and He is certified energy auditor by Ministry of Power. He has a very rich experience in all fields of Engineering and in Steel, Energy, Rubber and Starch sectors. He is also very familiar for giving guest lecturers and presenting technical papers in various seminars and workshops especially in the field of Energy.

Mr. U. Mallikarjuna,

Aged about 61 years, is our Company’s, Non-Executive and Independent Director and also a member of the Audit Committee and Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Board of Directors.